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Organ Harvesting: International Medical Ethics by Tres Mali Scott on International PNP December 28, 2009

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Tres Scott

Tres Scott & International PNP

Written By: Crisis Reporter Tres Mali Scott , This topic in endorsed by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

Some countries don not value life and “Harvest Human Organs” for the Medicalj0438737 field. Do to United States of American Medical Ethics, the origins of an organ is verified.

When in or dealing with other countries, the Medical field must be careful. USA private practices, hospitals, and doctors also have relations with International organ donation sources. Some of the means to obtain organ donations could be illegal and unethical.

It sounds like something unthinkable, but some organs we have two of and it does not cause death if it is taken. Other organs there is only one of and causes death if someone takes it out of the body for sale to someone in need.

In parts of Brazil and Africa, there are many children that are abandoned and live in groups. These populations, as well as reports from China, are susceptible to abuses, including Medical  Ethics abuses.

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