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I Can’t Believe We Are Still Looking For A Cure To HIV/AIDS: International PNP® June 27, 2013

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 Can't Believe We Are Still Looking For A Cure To HIV/AIDS: International PNP®-  Best Blogs by Blogged in Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott on The Writings of African-Americans®. This Title Endorsed  by:  The Writings of African-Americans on Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed. M.S., Ph.D. (ABD) Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist 2nd & 3rd Place Awarded Article and Writer

Best Blogs by Blogged in Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott: The Writings of African-Americans®


International PNP® Celebrates Black History Month: From the Back to the Face Welps of Racism! February 18, 2012

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Memory of the United States of America Slavery on International PNP® Celebrate Black History Month

Africa’s Violent History of Slavery!

From American slavery to the genocide in Rwanda,  Africa’s violent history. Like Israel being called the people of God, the United States of American is considered a “Super Power”. The violent end of a history of violent slavery, the use of the law & ethics, and continued education has removed the physical bands of slavery. Higher education removes the mental bands. And now we work to help other countries to live civilized, with laws that follow International Human Rights.

Memory of Rwanda's Genocide First Seen in National Geographic on International PNP®: Celebrate Black Histoy Month

I Can’t Believe That Ethics Look Like Moral Development (Religious): International PNP June 28, 2011

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Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD) Internationally Awarded Writer, on the Experts 123 & NATO lead International Security Assistance Force page.

This Topic is endorsed by TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Nosology Division, Under Paranormal Psychiatry by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD) 2nd & 3rd Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Awarded and Charter Member of Helium.com Where Knowledge Rules.

Regulating International Medical issues is difficult because of Intra-country variation in medical laws and ethics. As a result of International prison problems with transgendered people, i.e., genetic modifications that caused male physical features with female genitals and female physical features with male genitals. This is not the same as hermaphrodites, which is a birth defect of an individual born with both male and female genitals; genetic engineering genetic modification, or traditional breeding methods are under a microscope legally and ethically.

Genetic engineering, genetic modification or traditional breeding methods are intentional manipulation of an organism’s genome using DNA technology.


What is a Genome?


A genome is:

  • haploid set of chromosomes of an organism, or
  • complete set of genetic material of an organism, or
  • all of the biological information needed to build and maintain a living example of that organism.

Genome is encoded, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Divided into genes, the genes attach to the genome, they switch on gene expression.


The encoded DNA chain is make up of four chemical basis and the sugar 2′-dexoxyribose. The four chemical basis of DNA are:

  •  acdenine (A) & guanine (G) called purines and
  • cytosine (C) & thymine (T) called pyrimidines


 How Is Genetic Engineering, Genetic Modification, or Traditional Breeding Done?

Genetic engineering, genetic modification, or traditional breeding is for reproduction of life. The natural environment is used:

  • Sex,
  • Rape,
  • artificial insemination
  • Reproductive processes (flowers do not have sex).

And the laboratory.

People do the same things, use the same methods, and practice for good, bad, or neutral. Traditional breeding, genetic engineering, or genetic modification can also be dangerous. Used to genocide medically, medical war crimes, like Nazi Germany, & ethnic cleansing through biological warfare.

These methods can also:

  1. Heal,
  2. Manipulate out diseases,
  3. Manipulate out handicaps, and
  4. Manipulate out birth defects.

These methods can also maintain what has already been accomplished.

What is a Mutation?

Mutation, historically is thought of an alternation physically, biologically, or genetically of an organism in a negative manner:

  • Malfunction,
  •  Maladaptive, or
  •  Inferior results.

    Genetic Engineering

    An organism can also mutate to become:

  • Higher functioning,
  • More adaptive, or have
  • Superior results.

Mutation occurs in the environment and is not through intentional manipulation or the desired results, if manipulation has occurred. Natural traditional breeding can also look like a mutation with higher functioning, more adaptive, or superior results.



Organ Harvesting: International Medical Ethics by Tres Mali Scott on International PNP December 28, 2009

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Tres Scott

Tres Scott & International PNP

Written By: Crisis Reporter Tres Mali Scott , This topic in endorsed by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

Some countries don not value life and “Harvest Human Organs” for the Medicalj0438737 field. Do to United States of American Medical Ethics, the origins of an organ is verified.

When in or dealing with other countries, the Medical field must be careful. USA private practices, hospitals, and doctors also have relations with International organ donation sources. Some of the means to obtain organ donations could be illegal and unethical.

It sounds like something unthinkable, but some organs we have two of and it does not cause death if it is taken. Other organs there is only one of and causes death if someone takes it out of the body for sale to someone in need.

In parts of Brazil and Africa, there are many children that are abandoned and live in groups. These populations, as well as reports from China, are susceptible to abuses, including Medical  Ethics abuses.

Gender Verification: Medical Experts and Sex Assignment-Caster Semenya of South Africa on International PNP August 29, 2009

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Why would someone want to genetically engineer someone? What causes gender?

Athletes make a lot of money for schools, colleges, universities, and countries. Caster Semenya of South Africa is an example. Awarded a Gold Medal, possible sponsors as a result.

International Medical Ethics are important, with the death of and the question of the Doctor’s involvement, Medical Ethics have more issues to address than known.

Caster Semenya has caused medical doctors to examine the characteristics of male and female to determine gender, the biological line that is between male and female. In the 1960s Sex tests started when the Soviet-bloc were suspected of having males compete in female completions. Per the New York Times’ Friday, August 21, 2009 addition, these rigorous examinations include intrusive physical examinations and genetic analysis.

Because of Race, this gender issue can become clouded. Medical Ethics in the United States of America has a history or racism, the Tuskegee Experiment is an example, when Black Men were used to find out what syphilis does to the human body and denied medical care.

This Black-South African, Caster Semenya has the question raised, would gender come up if it were a European person. When it was a Soviet is was!

Medical Ethics: Reporting from Clients on International PNP April 2, 2009

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How does the medical  field report complaints for the medical field to improve drugs?

When pharmaceuticals cause a problem, how is that reported?


When I went to get a TB test, I mentioned that as a Black-American the new test given with a needle, it leaves a mark, the nurse stated she has no way of reporting this information to the pharmaceutical company.

More important information is given to nurses than that, how can nurses report this information and who should they report it to?

Tres Mali

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