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I Can’t Believe These Signs: Nuclear!!!!! on International PNP September 28, 2011

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Radiation Warning Sign, Atomic Symbol on International

Magen David Sign, Atomic Protection Symbol on International PNP

International Biohazard Warning Symbol, Germ Warfare on International PNP

Antimatter Hazard Triangle on International PNP

Traditional Radiation Warning Symbol on International PNP

Radiation Symbol & Warning Sign for Radiation Generation Equipments on International PNP

UN's Globally Harmonized System Sign for carcinogens on International PNP

Cancer Hazard Sign-Carcinogen on International PNP

Anti-Nuclear Weapons Sign on International PNP

International Chemical Safety Card on International PNP

Medical Ethics: Reporting from Clients on International PNP April 2, 2009

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How does the medical  field report complaints for the medical field to improve drugs?

When pharmaceuticals cause a problem, how is that reported?


When I went to get a TB test, I mentioned that as a Black-American the new test given with a needle, it leaves a mark, the nurse stated she has no way of reporting this information to the pharmaceutical company.

More important information is given to nurses than that, how can nurses report this information and who should they report it to?

Tres Mali

Government Advisory or Not????? UFOs & Aliens with InternationalPNP December 19, 2008

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Alien Invasion Occupation & International PNP

Once there was a program on the Discovery Channel, it looked like a Government Advisory about Aliens and Earth. The most important statement made was, they are dangerous and do not have any contact with them.

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