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I Can’t Believe This Update: International Nuclear Containment on Angels Do Speak!®: International PNP® July 6, 2012

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Nuclear Medicine on International PNP®

International PNP®‘s Nuclear Activity Category

Has an update summary from:

Angels Do Speak!®

“…California Morning News show Democracy Now, on July 6, 2012 had a guest Arny Dundison, Engineer. He discussed the building of the Fukushima Danini Nuclear Power Plant was by General Electric (GE) and that the United States of America has 27 of these Nuclear Power Plants, most of them in the Eastern part of the Country…

The understanding of Nuclear Power has given all of these things to science:

  1. Energy/Electricy
  2. Bombs/Weapons
  3. Power for Ships and Submarines
  4. Medical Diagonsis
  5. Medical Treatment…”

See the Category on

For the full summary on this update read the article about:


Tres Mali

Tres Mali & International PNP

International Nuclear Containment Update: Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali


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