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Possible Underground Nuclear Testing & Explosions: Aberration/Apparition: International PNP® August 26, 2010

Posted by Paranormal Psychology in Alien Activity: Stuff We Wouldn't Believe!!!!!, Nuclear Activity: International PNP®.
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From: Angels Do Speak!

Nuke At 7:31pm on 7/31/2010 a Seraphim Eye view of an underground area, an Angel Being is holding pillars in place, the ground is trimmering.

Another Angel Being  thinks it may be underground Nuclear testing. If the pillars fall the ground will sink in.

According to Random House Timetable of History Second Revised Edition (1991) 1975-1977, The United States of America and the USSR signed a disarmament treaty that limited underground Nuclear explosions 1976.

Tres Mali


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