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Can Prayer Help With Technology? by Tres Mali Scott May 27, 2010

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Internationally recognized Psychic has had another experience about our United States of America “Crafts”. It is reported that she has prayed about the emissions of the “Crafts” we use in the United States of America and an Angel Being has responded. Tres Mali Scott is a Roman Catholic and this religion believes in Angel Beings that have been studied and followed, for the good of all humanity. The “Weblogs”, and are an ongoing system of reporting.

Ms. Scott reports many of her experiences. Because the visions and experiences are numerous, not all of the experiences are reported on these “Weblogs”. On May 16, 2010 while Ms. Scott was attending Mass, what most call “going to church”, at St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Los Angeles, California USA, she reports a vision of, “…an Angel Being taking hold of a craft and stating, ‘I know how to make this work’”. She states, “…this is infused knowledge…” Ms. Scott hopes that enough engineers “believe”.

What the Catholic Church calls the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit allows “infused knowledge”. Some say:

  • “That is a good idea”.
  • “What about if I do this?”
  • listening to someone else, reading information, or during learning, “I never thought of that”.
  • etc…

“Believing” really starts with “the self”, confidence. Self affirmations, self talk, and reinforcing ourselves are processes that sustain “self confidence”.

Ms. Scott also writes theory about Paranormal Psychology, , and Psychic Experiences.

Tres Scott

Tres Scott & International PNP

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